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See You See Me

A little about my family.

A little about my family.
My parents are divorced, I have two brothers, my sister Lisa is an accountant is married with two beautiful babies and my brother nelson singles and their profession is software engineer.
I have a cousin who is my brother much love
and my grandparents that I love very much


Catatumbo Lightning is a unique weather phenomenon that occurs in the south of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela, named Catatumbo River.
This phenomenon is characterized by almost continuous lightning and silent (especially by large distances), which is produced in clouds of large vertical electrical arcing between 2 and 10 km in height (or more), as the trade winds penetrate the surface of the lake in the afternoon (when evaporation is greater) and are forced to climb the mountain system of Perijá (of 3,750 m) and Cordillera de Mérida, Venezuelan Andes branch (of 5,000 m, approximately). The origin of this phenomenon is in the orographic effect of these ridges that enclose and restrain the northeast winds produce a cloud of great vertical development, mainly concentrated in the Catatumbo River basin. This phenomenon is easy to see from hundreds of miles away, ie from the lake itself (where no clouds usually occur at night) so it is also known as the Lighthouse of Maracaibo, as the boats that plied the area could navigate at night without problems at the time of sailing. It has an annual occurrence of 140 to 160 nights or more, lasting up to 10 hours per night and produces up to 280 downloads per hour. In addition, these thunderstorms produce a high percentage of all ozone generated worldwide as Catatumbo lightning can be seen as a major individual regenerative earth's ozone layer, producing approximately 1,176,000 downloads atmospheric electricity. The origin of the formation of ozone is found in the ionization of atmospheric gases with intense electric shock.
G - Generate environmental awareness
R - Recycle as much as possible
E - Eliminate unnecessay waste
E - Energy conservation
N - Now the time
It's amazing how the crime has increased these last years before you removed your belongings just now I removed to life and it is unfortunate!
'm just asking God to protection!


Es increible como el crimen a aumentado estos ultimos años antes solo te quitaban tus pertenencias ahoras te quitan hasta la vida y es lamentable!
solo quedo pedirle a Dios proteccion!